Pulsar Partners is a company created in 2016 with the goal to design high potential investment vehicles. We invest via these vehicles on behalf of our partners.



The investment charter outlines the commitments of Pulsar Partners as investor. This charter is adopted by the Executive Board and presented to our partners.



The investment committee is a governance body under the authority of the Executive Board of Pulsar Partners. Its statutes are adopted by the Executive Board.


Our purpose

Become one of the continents most efficient vehicle

O Our values are at the very heart of the development of our activity.

We systematically implement all the values of our stock and share it with our partners. These values are the foundation that allows us to perform as a strong team.


The foundations of our organization and the trust we put in our partners.


We want to succeed in everything we do – as a proof of our dedication.


The will to always look at the larger picture, to progress and move forward in challenging as well as in abundant times.


Our purpose, why we exist, and what we want to achieve.

An ambitious investor

Designing high potential investment vehicles.

Message from the Executive Director

We dream and build our ambition.

Our Vision

We entend to be an investment leader.

Our Commitments

Promote business best practices for our partners.

Our Values

The indelible signature across the road we’re on.