Pulsar Partners is a company created in 2016 with the goal to design high potential investment vehicles. We invest via these vehicles on behalf of our partners.



The investment charter outlines the commitments of Pulsar Partners as investor. This charter is adopted by the Executive Board and presented to our partners.



The investment committee is a governance body under the authority of the Executive Board of Pulsar Partners. Its statutes are adopted by the Executive Board.


Our investment strategy

We invest for our financial partners in strong value-added areas and in wealth-creating opportunities.







T The investment strategy of Pulsar Partners is lead by an investment committee which depends upon the Executive Board. This investment committee guarantees the strategy and its proper operational implementation.

Pulsar Partners drafts its future development in different phases :

Seed phase

Pulsar favors direct investment in areas where investments yield a high return on the continent as well as acquisition of stakes of promising start-ups with a strong business model and a strong performance or high valuation. During this short first phase, the investment horizon is short and the performance targets are high. These first investments are made with own resources and thus allow to build the financial profile of the vehicles.


Pulsar Partners raises funds and targets large investment opportunities with long-term horizons and high yield potential. Pulsar Partners wants to raise funds after the work on its absorption capacity and its financial profile is done. This second phase is a solid growth phase over several years.


Pulsar Partners focuses on wide geographic deployment in regions with high potential. Having built solid foundations, it is also a way to increase the visibility on the international markets and to diversify the portfolio.