Pulsar Partners is a company created in 2016 with the goal to design high potential investment vehicles. We invest via these vehicles on behalf of our partners.



The investment charter outlines the commitments of Pulsar Partners as investor. This charter is adopted by the Executive Board and presented to our partners.



The investment committee is a governance body under the authority of the Executive Board of Pulsar Partners. Its statutes are adopted by the Executive Board.


Our purpose

Become one of the continents most efficient vehicle

P Pulsar Partners manages the capital entrusted to it by its clients, its investors by investing in accordance to with the investment strategy adopted by the Investment Committee and the Executive Board.

It manages these funds in the best interest of the investors with a profitability target whilst taking account the interest of the companies of which it is shareholder. As long-term / mid-term investor (4 to 7 years in general), Pulsar Partners has the capacity to promote the implementation of sustainable practices in portfolio companies. In this regard, Pulsar Partners makes the following commitments:


Pulsar Partners is persuaded that the responsible management of resources and keen sens of professionalism are key to completion of its strategic vision. Conforming to international financing standards is of special importance to the company. Pulsar Partners is developing a corporate culture around professionalism and sense of responsibility with respect to third parties. All tolls provided by Pulsar Partners are in line with this objective.


The efficient organization and efficient strategy push forward the high performance and is based on the convincing implementation by a strong team. Innovation as well as investing in human resources and business and financial intelligence are a key lever of the future performance of any entity. The commitment of Pulsar Partner in the sense of performance is at the center of the global strategy of company management. The performance is crucial for the future development not only of the societies activity but also of the partner companies. The added growth and value created by the long-term investor are a launch pad embedding the company's DNA on all levels.


The innovation strategy allows the company and its partners to generate value on a recurring basis considering the environmental and markets constraints. The creation of value through a strategy of innovation allows to find new sources of rapid growth. Staying on top is a daily challenge to which Pulsar Partners responds. This commitment confers perspectives to the company and opens brand new and promising opportunities.


Pulsar Partners rejects any compromise on ethical issues and always acts with honesty and integrity. It inspires confidence through adequacy of words, behavior and acts of its teams and takes responsibility of everything it does. Pulsar Partners is persuades that an adequate governance structure is essential for its own development and for the development of enterprises. With its entry in the stock it implements a supervisory board of which one or more members are also members of the Investment Committee of Pulsar Partners in order to accompany the management of portfolio companies. Furthermore, it fosters the nomination of independent members in the organs of governance and encourages diversity especially at the heart of the board of portfolio companies.

An ambitious investor

Designing high potential investment vehicles.

Message from the Executive Director

We dream and build our ambition.

Our Vision

We entend to be an investment leader.

Our Commitments

Promote business best practices for our partners.

Our Values

The indelible signature across the road we’re on.